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Fujitsu ICT Sustainability: The Global Benchmark 2012

ICT Sustainability: The Global Benchmark 2012

Fujitsu’s third annual report on the maturity of ICT Sustainability practices and technologies in end user organizations. The research utilizes a unique methodology to quantify ICT Sustainability implementation, providing detailed insights across many different components and industry sectors.

The countries included this year have increased from seven to eight and the report summarizes the findings of a total of 1,200 responses from organizations conducted via survey in 2012. We asked CIOs and ICT Managers over 80 questions about their ICT Sustainability policies, behavior and technologies in each area. The report is an invaluable reference for anyone who wants to integrate ICT Sustainability initiatives in their organization.

ICT Sustainability is a vast cross-functional subject and has a critical leadership role in enabling sustainable business practices across all sectors. ICT is a large consumer of energy, and is globally responsible for 3 per cent of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. At current rates of growth in ICT usage, this is forecast to grow to 6 per cent by 2020. More importantly, ICT is responsible for 5 to 10 per cent of the typical economy’s total electricity consumption. In some organizations that rely heavily on ICT, such as banks, government and in many other administrative industries, ICT can account for up to 75 per cent of all energy consumption.

This research provides a number of valuable insights into the comparative ICT Sustainability performance of organizations in each of the countries surveyed, and between industry sectors within countries.

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Fujitsu Cloud Sustainability - Is The Cloud Green - Whitepaper

Fujitsu Cloud Sustainability - Is The Cloud Green - Whitepaper

Is Cloud really so Green? Is it yet delivering on its Green claims? This paper discusses these questions. The primary focus of the paper is on the closely linked subjects of energy use and carbon emissions, as these aspects are central to the issue of Climate Change, are increasingly subject to legislation, and are, therefore, of paramount interest to our customers.

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